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I have been using Concerta for quite some time and I can swear that it has definitely improved my life by helping me gain better focus and attention when required. I am relaxed, no more jitters and can work effectively much more than before I started using Concerta. It is truly my magic pill. I find the effect instantaneous. It really works for me.

I was diagnosed with ADD four years back and was put on antidepressants. It dint help me much but then I got introduced to Concerta by a relative who is also a medical practitioner. It made the difference. The effect of the pill was not immediate but after about two weeks of usage it started to show effect. I felt more confident at workplace and home. I was able to focus better and in many cases I was surprised at the ease with which I handled difficult situations. This was nowhere in the picture with the earlier me. It has to be the effect of Concerta, I highly recommend it.

Sideffects of Concerta

Concerta is proven to help people live better quality lives by helping them deal with anxiety and depression a s it helps with concentration and relaxes nerves without making you slack. However there are certain common side effects observed in people who consume Concerta on a regular basis.First and foremost would be loss of appetite, It is also known to affect its users with insomnia(lack of sleep).Some people have reported headache and dizziness after consumption of the pill and a A small percent of Concerta users have reported nausea and vomiting .Sweating and cold feeling in hands or feet is yet another side effect reported. If any of these conditions persist immediately seek medical attention.


Concerta is one of the best available remedies for your attention disorder or inability to concentrate. This industrious brain pill has helped many people get their lives back on track. People have described the results of using the pill as superlative. It has helped many students and adults who used to struggle to get on with their daily schedule, live a more capable life. They have been able to control their anxiety and focus better on the task at hand with better efficacy. This central nervous system stimulant has given people the confidence to live life more resourcefully by increasing their concentration levels. Therefore it is indeed the life saver pill for many.


The active ingredient in Concerta that helps in bringing about the desired pill effects is methylphenidate. This chemical component is proven to be highly effective as a CNS stimulant. Although methyphenidate is the major component of this brain pill there are other constituents in smaller quantities that make up Concerta. These include butylated hydroxytoluene, carnauba wax, cellulose acetate and 14 more ingredients that make up the pill. If you ever had the doubt that, ‘Does it really work?’, it’s time to shun those thoughts. The core ingredient of Concerta methylphenidate has been researched for long time and is incorporated effectively in this brain supplement to make a neat brain pill called Concerta. It is proven to be definitely effective and practical.


Concerta is to be taken orally once daily in the morning before or after food. The dosage strength depends on your age and brain health condition. Usually for children a typical dosage strength administered is 18mg and for adults it can go up to 36 mg.